Video: Bells and Robes – “Duality (ft. Swain)”

Atlanta-based electronic duo Bells and Robes have released the music video for “Duality,” the third single off How Could We Have Known?, their blazing 2016 EP.

Bells and Robes How Could We Have Known – EP (2016) // Photo via Facebook

Featuring Atlanta hip-hop artist Swain, the song shows an evolution of sophistication and artistry, lyrically and sonically, from Bells and Robes (Luke Sipka and Dean Spaniol). The chorus implores the listener, “Who are you? Who am I? What are we?” — your dose of introspection for the day.

The music video is no disappointment either. With a drum kit and keyboard set amongst a rocky, desolate landscape, Bells and Robes, plus Swain, are met by a hypermobile dancer/contortionist while we see a narrative play out, involving who we presume to be the same person, first as a child, and then as an adult struggling to carve an individual path. Ego? Purpose? There’s your double dose of introspection for the day.

Still from the video for Bells and Robes’s “Duality (feat. Swain)”

Are you intrigued yet? See the video with your own eyes.

Check out the full video for “Duality (feat. Swain)” by Bells and Robes on YouTube.