Interview: Arrows in Action Q&A 03.29.2017


Arrows In Action // Photo via Facebook

In case you haven’t heard, the hottest ticket in town this Wednesday evening is the We the Kings 10th Anniversary show at High Dive. Sharing the stage with We the Kings is Cute Is What We Aim For, Plaid Brixx, and Gainesville’s own Arrows In Action. The Void of Sound interviewed Arrows In Action frontman Victor Viramontes-Pattison ahead of the band’s show tonight.

TVoS: Being a Gainesville-based band, is here anything about the local music scene here that has shaped the band?

VV-P: Gainesville has a large population of students and young adults who are constantly looking for new music to consume, so in a way, we’ve written our music for them. We owe a lot to the connections we’ve made with other students and Gainesville natives that come out to support us.

TVoS: Who would you say is the band from whom all the members of Arrows in Action take inspiration?

VV-P: Blink-182 is a common denominator when it comes to our influences. We all learned how to play our instruments by practicing Blink-182 songs, and the influence that they have had on the general rock/punk scene is immeasurable. Our bassist, John, actually has a Blink-182 tattoo on his chest.

Arrows In Action’s latest single, “Three Night Stand” is available on Spotify and iTunes // Photo via Facebook

TVoS: Your most recent release is the track “Three Night Stand.” How long did it take to write and record?

VV-P: “Three Night Stand” actually came together relatively quickly; I walked into practice with the an acoustic skeleton of the song, and within three days, the band had completely redeveloped it into the “Three Night Stand” single.

TVoS: This is the second time that you’ve supported We the Kings, right? What has changed about Arrows In Action since then?

VV-P: I think we’ve really honed in on the sound we want to go for. Our first EP felt constrained to the pop punk genre with some eclectic tones throughout each song, but the new material we’ve been recording has been focused on a broader rock sound, which has allowed us to incorporate new sounds and styles into our songs.

Arrows In Action performs tonight at Gainesville’s High Dive with We The Kings, Cute is What We Aim For, Plaid Brixx, and Brightside. Purchase those last-minute tickets here