Review: flipturn EP release party

It’s amazing what can happen when you start them off young, right? Fernandina Beach’s flipturn, an indie rock staple on the north Florida college circuit, may have amassed a committed following after just a year of existence, but to the surprise of many, all five of the band members are under 21. Age ain’t nothing but a number here because these kids are good. Like, really good.

Performing alongside Gainesville’s pop punk heroes Arrows in Action as support for Latchkey‘s farewell show at High Dive on Saturday (04.08.2017), it was clear that the house came for flipturn (who performed second on the lineup). Their first Gainesville show since releasing their debut EP, Heavy Colors, on March 31st, flipturn’s indie surf pop rock sound kept the crowd rocking and rolling for a steady forty-five minutes or so.

Heavy Colors, flipturn’s debut five-track EP // Photo via Facebook

flipturn filled their set list with old and new, featuring tracks from Heavy Colors like “Chicago,” “Vanilla,” and “Hypoxia.” Singer Dillon Basse energized the crowd with a Thom Yorke-esque dance throughout the show and impressed with consistent vocals. The riffs and guitar solos were held down by lead guitarist Tristan Duncan. Bassist Madeline Jarman laid down the groove on a beautiful sea foam green Fender P-Bass. Taylor Allen commanded a KORG synth throughout the night and contributed vocals to “Chicago.” The perhaps overlooked gem of the show was drummer Adrian Walker, who mesmerized the crowd with a slew of cross-armed beats fairly unique to your everyday indie surf pop rock.

flipturn is (L-R): Taylor Allen (keys), Tristan Duncan (guitar), Adrian Walker (drums), Dillon Basse (vocals), and Madeline Jarman (bass)

When the venue called for the final song, the crowd would not settle for less than two. flipturn topped off the night with a cover of The Rolling Stones’s “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and the first single they ever released, crowd favorite “Cartoon Head.” After a roaring applause, their audience flocked over to the merch table, as if by instinct, where the members of flipturn met them to sign autographs and take pictures. See these kids now while you have the chance. The meet-and-greet lines are about to become a lot longer.

flipturn’s debut EP, Heavy Colors, is available on Spotify and iTunes now.