#NOWPLAYING: Our Swamp Records Showcase 2017 playlist

In case you are unaware, the hottest ticket in town this Wednesday evening is SHOWCASE, presented by the University of Florida’s very own student-run record label, SWAMP RECORDS. Hosted at Heartwood Soundstage, we are very sure it will be a great night for Gainesville music.

The lineup consists of R.LUM.R, Twelve’Len, The Savants of Soul, The Delta Troubadours, Retrolux, DVWEZ, Analogue Ghost, Animal Prince, DUNI, Dunstan Wallace, Flipturn, Les Voss, Just Neighbors, King Complex, and Whale Feral. Pretty tight for an $8 adv/$10 door ticket, right? Yes. Yes it is.

Get ready for the show tonight with our “Swamp Records Showcase 2017 Essentials” Spotify playlist:

R.LUM.R. – “Love Less”

We’re going to be dancing to this one tonight.

Twelve’Len – “Succulent”

Definitely getting some Childish Gambino vibes here.

The Savants of Soul – “Mr. Medicine Man”

It’s got that feel good soul, and everyone needs a little bit.

The Delta Troubadours – “Savannah”

Straight-up rock ‘n’ roll. We dare you not to rock out to this one.

Retrolux – “Silhouettes”

Gainesville’s finest electropop duo. The breakdown near the end is a bop.

DVWEZ – “Paradise”

Her newest release. The *BBC likes it, why wouldn’t you?

*This is actually getting airplay on Radio1. Check it out.

Flipturn – “Beep”

Off their debut EP. Please just listen.

Just Neighbors – “End You Can Depend On”

Just Neighbors? More like just a really good instrumental tune.

King Complex – “White Room”

Takes you through about 40 genres in one song. Insanity but so good.

**Artists not featured on this playlist do not have tracks on Spotify. Guess you’ll just have to go to the festival and see what they sound like for yourself.

Swamp Records Showcase 2017 occurs on April 19th at Heartwood Soundstage in Gainesville. Purchase tickets here