Interview: The Delta Troubadours Q&A 06.02.2017

Gainesville rock ‘n’ rollers The Delta Troubadours recently announced their Summer 2017 Tour, an 11-date run that brings TDT to new ground across the Southeastern United States. We caught up with the bassist of The Delta Troubadours, Jon Franklin, a month out from the start of the tour.

The Delta Troubadours Summer 2017 Tour | Photo via Facebook

TVoS: Until 2017, The Delta Troubadours pretty much only played gigs in Gainesville and Tampa. What made it feel like the right time to start touring?

JF: We’ve been building a solid fan base here in Florida, and between some band members starting to lose hair and the new music we’ve just finished producing, we really feel the time is right to take our project to a bigger market that can offer us more opportunity.

TVoS: The Delta Troubadours Summer 2017 Tour hits cities across the Southeast, including Nashville, Atlanta, your hometown Tampa, and your adopted hometown Gainesville. Which cities are you looking forward to most?

JF: Nashville is what we’re most stoked about. It’s the only city in the world built on music, and it gives us access to a market frothing with industry and talent.

TVoS: How did the collaboration with Max Norton (Tampa native, former drummer for Benjamin Booker, now solo Nashville-based folk artist) start?

JF: Max [Norton] came down to fill in drums for us on a few shows this past April. He clicked immediately both as a musician and friend, and [he] will be touring with us this July.

The Delta Troubadours at the 2017 Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival | Photo by thevoidofsound

TVoS: You are known for your live shows. What are some of the best concerts you’ve ever seen?

JF: I know our frontman Gytis Garsys will tell you immediately his favorite live performance was Jack White at Bonnaroo 2014, but he’s secretly deeply involved with the Norweigian/Baltic Costume-Metal scene. My favorite performance has to be the all-famous *John Mayer/Marilyn Manson God-Speed America ‘Secret Busking’ Tour in 2004.

*TVoS cannot confirm whether this John Mayer/Marilyn Manson tour occurred. But if it did, we probably would have gone.

GRITT EP The Delta Troubadours
‘GRITT’ (EP) by The Delta Troubadours | Photo via

TVoS: Your follow-up material to 2016’s Gritt EP is highly-anticipated, and your shows indicate that your music direction is leaning towards bluesier alternative rock versus rock with country influences. Why do you think that is and is there a chance we will hear some of that new material this summer?

JF: Ever since Muscle Shoals [Gritt was recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL], we’ve really been trying to chase that pure, unflitered rock ’n’ roll sound. I really think the old rockers from the 60s/70s generation as well as the Generation Y/X fans of grunge/ alternative rock are going to vibe with the new material. With the tour fast approaching and our new music just about finished up in the studio, it’s safe to say that fans can expect a bangin’ single sometime in June.

The Delta Troubadours are bringing their Summer 2017 Tour to a city near you. Consider supporting the band’s GoFundMe. For gig updates and tickets, visit