#NowPlaying: Baio to release ‘Man of the World’ June 30th

Baio (the solo project of Vampire Weekend’s bassist Chris Baio) is set to release a new LP, Man of the World, on June 30th. It follows 2015’s The Names.

Baio’s Man of the World drops June 30th | Photo via Facebook

Led by single, “PHILOSOPHY!” (listen on Spotify) and later “DANGEROUE ANAMAL” (listen to the audio track on Vevo) and “Out of Tune” (listen on Spotify), the album has 11 tracks:

1. “Vin Mariani”
2. “The Key is Under the Mat”
3. “Out of Tune”
5. “Exquisite Interlude”
7. “Man of the World”
8. “Sensitive Guy”
9. “I’m Not Curious”
10. “Shame in My Name”
11. “Be Mine”

Baio | Photo via Facebook

Baio’s ”Man of the World’ can be pre-ordered here. To follow Baio, see his website http://baiobaio.com/ and social media @OIAB.