#NowPlaying: 1,000 Degrees Vol. 2 playlist

Volume 2 of the TVoS “1,000 Degrees” Spotify playlist is here! The theme for the second edition is vibey chilled-out electronic-influenced indie pop rock and everything that goes well with it.

Full track list:

Retrolux – “Wood”

DVWEZ – “The Life”

Bruno Major – “Easily”

Kaleo – “Way Down We Go”

The Hails – “Come Alive”

VHS Collection – “So I Met Someone”

Mondo Cozmo – “Plastic Soul”

Tennis – “My Emotions Are Blinding”

Zerowe – “Easy”

Sports – “Crime”

flipturn – “Cold”

Caro – “Closet Lunatic – Radio Edit”

Active Child – “Cruel World”

Magic City Hippies – “Hush”

The Hails – “Girl with a Fated Hand”

Lo Moon – “This Is It”

DVWEZ – “Paradise”

Jaws of Love. – “Jaws of Love.”

Listen to The Void of Sound’s “1,000 Degrees” Spotify playlist here.