Interview: The YeahTones Q&A 08.07.2017

There are very (*very*) few things Brooklyn, New York, and Sarasota, Florida, have in common. One of these things is a rising psychedelic blues rock band. Meet The YeahTones.

The YeahTones (Doug Berns, Jake Pinto) // Photo via The YeahTones

TVoS connected with founder and frontman of The YeahTones, Jake Pinto, on the interweb and discussed The Beatles, shirts, touring, and landlords.

TVoS: Where are you originally from, and how did you make it to Brooklyn?

JP: I grew up in Sarasota [Florida]. I studied music in college at NYU and have been there since.

TVoS: We hate to ask the cliché (“Who are your influences?”), so we’ll switch it up a bit. Are your influences more 1960s or 1970s?

JP: I think the truth is my influences are more 1965-1975 [laughs]. Asking whether I love 60s or the 70s music more is kind of like asking me to choose my favorite child. That being said, The Beatles are sill #1 for me, so if I had to answer, I would go with the 60s. 

TVoS: We are digging the shirts. Where did the idea for matching outfits come from?

JP: I didn’t find the shirts, they found me. It wasn’t my original intention to all wear matching shirts but once I found them, I was like, oh shit, this is amazing. What’s even crazier is that I have two different sets of matching shirts that I found at the same place on two separate occasions!

See a full video of those shirts here.

TVoS: It seems like everyone nowadays has their favorite bluesy rock band. How do you attack your music so that it stands out?

JP: I never wrote these songs to be in any sort of genre, and I think if you listen to the original demos versus what they sound like on the record, you will see how the songs are really informed by the arrangement and performance. I’m always coming from more of a songwriter approach, so I just want [the] words, melody and harmony to work and sound good. Everything else is just what happens naturally when we all get together and play them I guess.

In terms of standing out, our live show is as over the top as anything I’ve personally seen. I know there are a lot of bands that rock really hard (and we would love to get on bills with them) but I find in New York its a lot more common for bands to just mostly stand on stage and be relatively still. There’s a lot of music like that that I love, but I don’t see enough people really having exuberant fun on stage, and that’s what we’re doing.

TVoS pick – watch the video for “What Could I Do” by The YeahTones here

TVoS: Your record is called Eviction Notice. So did someone actually get evicted or is it just a rock ‘n’ roll name?

JP: Yeah, I penned Eviction Notice as a love letter to my landlord at the time. She was a real piece of work.

Get a copy of Eviction Notice on Bandcamp by clicking here and stream on Spotify here.

TVoS: What’s next for The YeahTones?

JP: We’re kicking off a big ol summer tour. 

08.09.2017 – Cincinatti, OH – MOTR MORE INFO *FREE SHOW* (21+)

08.10.2017 – Nashville, TN – Springwater

08.11.2017 – Huntsville, AL – The Kiln

08.12.2017 – Athens, GA – Creature Comforts

08.13.2017 – Atlanta, GA – Smith’s Olde Bar RSVP

08.14.2017 – Hilton Head Island, SC – Tiki Hut MORE INFO

08.17.2017 – Sarasota, FL – Growlers Pub

08.18.2017 – Tampa, FL – New World Brewery RSVP

08.19.2017 – Savannah, GA – El-Rocko Lounge RSVP

08.21.2017 – Asheville, NC – Town Pump Tavern

08.22.2017 – Harrisonburg, VA – Wolfe St. Brewery

08.23.2017 – Frederick, MD – Café Nola MORE INFO

08.25.2017 – New York, NY – DROM w/ Kellindo RSVP

Find more on The YeahTones @theyeahtones on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website